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Qigong (Chi Gong) for Mental Wellbeing: Stress, anxiety, depression, focus

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Qigong (Chi gong) for connecting with your intuition and wisdom

Hi, My name is Jacqueline and I’m your new Chi Gong Wellness Instructor

I was raised amongst a Chi Gong (qigong) Master and I’ve seen it help me in my life. I’m so excited that you are so interested in your health and well-being!

Some of the many benefits of chi gong (qigong) include:
  • A greater sense of clarity
  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep, and
  • A greater sense of calm and relaxation

Qi gong acts on the entire energy and nervous system of the body…

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate in one of my drop-in classes or private classes today!

Please email: for any questions.
Drop-in classes are on Sunday mornings 10am-11am EST & Wednesday evenings at 8pm-9pm EST.

Bringing in the Healing Waters

The qi gong styles I teach are meditative, soft, and healing in nature. I use metaphors of nature sometimes to ground our practice to our 'natural' environment even if we are indoors. Particularly when we feel tired, practice is a time to bring in the healing waters...

Embodied Wisdom in Qigong

At the end of my morning class that I teach on Sundays, I like to ask for 2 words to summarize their feelings from the practice as well as 1-2 words to describe the intention of the rest of their day. And as they say and share those words, like "benevolent flow",...

Science & Qigong

Tai Chi Qigong (TCQG) also pronounced "Chi Gong" has been show over the years to be helpful for a variety of conditions. Managing overall stress (Jin P., 1992; Sandlund & Norlander, 2000; Chow, Docas & Siu, 2012) Helpful for pulmonary disease (G.Y. Yeh at al.,...

Spending time in nature

I've heard that us, humans, are also a part of nature. We often think of ourselves as separate from nature, and it's an interesting concept to consider that we are nature just as much as trees are nature! The grounding ability of the earth beneath our feet... the...

Releasing Expectation and Bringing in Intention

I enjoy bringing in certain intentions in my chi gong practice. After the chi gong practice, we are in a much more receptive and peaceful state, with less resistance. With less resistance and insistence on a particular outcome, it's a lot easier to believe that we can...


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for sessions with Jacqueline but what I got was a compassionate and intuitive healing guide who has helped me navigate an important transition period in my life and to heal limiting beliefs and energetic and emotional blocks. Jacqueline is equipped with a range of tools and knowledge to facilitate healing, as she works with you on the physical, emotional, energetic levels.

Having a series of sessions with Jacqueline created a period of momentum and focus for me as I worked towards healing and transformation goals in my life. Jacqueline was always responsive to my evolving needs and able to draw on her resources to support me. One of the best things about working with Jacqueline is that she was a compassionate witness and mirror to my journey reminding me, reflecting to me, pointing out to me important aspects of myself and my process as we went along and giving me clarity.  I truly appreciate her kindness and knowledge.

- Carma (1-on-1 client)

“I never saw myself as a spiritual person, but I found the sessions really helped me in addition to my regular cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for my anxiety”  Client (1-on-1)


Jacqueline has a very calming presence and approach to teaching qi gong that makes it very accessible to everyone. What Jacqueline offers is a very important modality for stress management and self care.
– Chantelle, Founder of Yoga Studio

Thank you for inviting me to you chi gong class last night. It was so very heart touching to see you lead us through the blissful routine. I love your confidence wrapped in your tenderness and positivity. BRAVO on sharing chi gong  the children at the hospital. It is a true gift and a reward. Your soft way of presenting is like a magnet. You know your craft and you are creative in your structure which is very appealing. You give adequate amounts of information in support to all movements. Many of the movements were new to me and I felt their impact on my energy body. I greatly enjoyed meeting you as a young instructor and I wish you many successful events this year. 
I am looking forward to your next class.
Eva Gold

“Thank you so much, very powerful.  I had stomach pain when I started but it disappeared shortly after [the class].  You can teach us what you are guided to do for the class.”  Blessings, T

This practice renews my energy, and detoxes my mind from all sorts of negativity that exists in my everyday life. From this class, I learned to bring awareness and focus on the thoughts I carry around. Being in the health care field, mental health is definitely one of the most important aspect of life!– Jeanne, R.N.

I found the (chi gong) sessions extremely helpful to me to manage periods of very high stress. – Researcher


At this time, Jacqueline is bringing her ancestral knowledge forward in the spirit of chi gong and in the deeper work she’s been in since she was a young person with Master Wu and her mom. The energy she carries is loving, kind, warm, and lifts and lightens everything around her and she is incredibly reflexive, always in seeing herself.

I see Jacqueline is like a sun burst and a moon burst; is very very reflective looking inward as she sorts of lights things up around her. I would just share that in the time that we’ve shared together, many people would call it “Two Eyed Seeing” – being able to balance working in a medical facility while also carrying deeper knowledge, carrying some of her traditional teachings in chi gong and the teachings about life. I think that is incredibly powerful. I’m not sure where her spirit is, in terms of bringing chi gong to a hospital but I see her naturally bringing that forward, no matter what space she is in just because she has a natural enthusiasm to share and the seeds of life kind of fly out from there. 

I know she’s been involved in conferences and speaking, and even a beauty pageant, a celebration of the feminine that she carries naturally. I think Jacqueline is a natural healer, and she does that through her very essence because she’s a very healthy, balanced person who always looks at what is needed and what is possible. I think she is a very grounded, expansive, because of the level of well-being and the deep knowledge that she’s here to do.

Erin Dixon, Faculty & Research, Indigenous Leadership

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