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Hi, My name is Jacqueline and I’m your new Chi Gong Wellness Instructor

I was raised amongst a Chi Gong (qigong) Master and I’m so excited that you are so interested in mindfulness.

I really care about your well-being.

Some of the many benefits of chi gong (qigong) include:
  • A greater sense of clarity
  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep, and
  • A greater sense of calm and relaxation

Chi gong (qigong) is mindfulness, but with movement!
I’m really excited to meet you and have you in our next class.

I’m going to show you some gentle movements, like how to “pull chi” in chi gong. With this movement, you can practice sitting down or standing up.

We’re going to put our arms out in front of us, nose width apart.

We’re going to breathe in and breathe out… There may be a Lovely feeling.. and close.


Jacqueline, M.A.


Background of Chi Gong Instructor

The practice of chi gong (qigong) is very much tied to the instructor, so I want to tell you a little about my background. The background of the instructor influences the styles she teaches and a good instructor maintains her own practice everyday.

Grandmaster Wu: Learning from 1995-2006

Starting in 1995, I followed my mother to learn chi gong, tai chi, and kung fu from Grandmaster Weizhao Wu. Amongst some of his achievements: He recieved one of the highest titles of Qi Gong Master in China,  was considered a National Treasure, Western Fencing champion, and he contributed to the development of the provincial physical education curriculum in the province of Guangzhao. He also was an academic, and lead a 40-person research team into the benefits of his Wu’s eye qi gong program for high school students.

Chi gong (qigong) was his life-long hobby he learned from the mountain schools in China. He came to retire in Canada, he created the chi gong forms I teach today with the essential chi gong (qi gong) movements.


Master Teresa: Learning from 2006-Present

Following the passing of grandmaster Wu, I learned from his successor, my mother, Master Teresa, learning how to transform negative emotions such as grief, in the body using chi & chi gong (qigong):

  • Mind-body (psycho-somatic) expressions of stress
  • Embodied spiritual philosophies
  • Importance of honoring our feelings

Education Background

B.A. Honours Psychology
M.A. Early Childhood Studies
& Researcher

Because of my interest in psychology and emotions in my adolescence due to my growing pains, I pursued post-secondary education. My personal story is on my one-on-one sessions page.

When I experienced stress in my career, I began practicing daily and I realized over time that I wanted to incorporate Chi Gong (qigong) into my career. It is a calling to teach.

From Grandmaster Wu, I learned about qi gong for physical healing and through my mother, about chi gong for emotional healing.


Connections between Mindfuless & Chi Gong (qigong)

Qi gong (or even some tai chi forms) is a way of cultivating mindfulness awareness  and I would call it a type of mindful practice. 

Mindfulness: is the awareness moment to moment in the present moment without judgement

Chi Gong (Qigong): is a movement practice that creates awareness of  subtle  inner body (physical and emotional ) without judgement. Directly translates to “life force” or “breathe” and “practice or art form”

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Why is the idea of Chi (or energy) so foregn to the Western Mind? 

(Link to Blog Post on this)


I have learned qi gong from Jacqueline for some time. I am surprised by this young soul, teaching qi gong. She is so bright, passionate, and persistently seeking the best of life!

– MD


Jacqueline has a very calming presence and approach to teaching qi gong that makes it very accessible to everyone. What Jacqueline offers is a very important modality for stress management and self care.

 – Chantelle 

This practice renews my energy, and detoxes my mind from all sorts of negativity that exists in my everyday life. From this class, I learned to bring awareness and focus on the thoughts I carry around. Being in the health care field, mental health is definitely one of the most important aspect of life!

– Jeanne, R.N.


I found the (chi gong) sessions extremely helpful to me to manage periods of very high stress.

– Scientist


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