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Hello! I’m Jacqueline

M.A., B.A.
Chi Gong Teacher, Researcher, Speaker

Jacqueline Chan grew up immersed within the context of a Canadian accredited chi gong (qigong) school, started practicing as a child,  and is a 3rd generation teacher in her lineage, a certified trainer of the Pureland International School of Chi Gong as well as a certified Fa Qi Healing practitioner. Weizhou Wu, a distinguished Talent Bank of China Qi Gong Master, along with Master Teresa Yeung (her mother) are her teachers. She teaches from a perspective of new vistas.

She has a M.A. in early childhood studies, and B.A. in psychology, and is a clinical research staff by day. She piloted the first chi gong practice at The Hospital for Sick Children. Jacqueline can help guide you through a mindful chi gong practice. She has also worked for St. Michael’s Hospital.

Although she learned chi gong her whole life, she met life stumbling block one after another starting in high school when she felt insecure. Once she embraced her lineage and once again, practiced the chi gong she learned as a child, with a greater appreciation of its value,  she reshaped her reality with a renewed understanding. 

Self-love, self-acceptance, and self-trust were all things she learned in her journey. She also has an affinity with inwardly looking mindfulness modalities, embodied spiritual approaches, and psychology. She’s delighted to weave these insights into her chi gong practices. 

Would you like a teaser of a few gentle breathing movements?             

The best way to learn is from a teacher, where you can start learning from the basics. From de-stressing,  the fundamentals of deep breathing, and learning to coordinate that with movement and allowing the experience of energy, peace, and healing.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

is it Challenging and expands to my knowledge of mindfulness?
  • I add to participants’ knowledge of mindfulness by introducing a movement form of mindfulness with a long Eastern tradition and lineage.
is it Credible with professional and personal experience?

Lead by a life-long practitioner, instructor and apprentice of chi gong as the 3rd generation, who currently works in clinical research, and educated with a graduate university degree. The instructor is: Jacqueline Chan. You can read more about here below.

Is it Integrative of diverse perspectives?

This practice is presented through an integrative perspective of West meets East within a scientific context within limits.

is it Actionable and something i can bring back with me?

Attendees can walk away with knowledge of a practice they can do anywhere and learn about the utilization of their breath.

is it Accessible so everyone can understand and engage with it?
  • Communicated with language that is accessible to scientific and non-scientific communities, and can be practiced by a wide range of people through the sitting and standing movements that are low-intensity.
  • Convenient to practice: participants do not need to bring equipment (i.e., mats) or change clothing.
  • Low-intensity and safe exercises that can be modified to sitting, standing, or slow movement
  • Communicated in English with neutral language that is impartial to a religion
How do I learn more?

Please email me, and we can book a complimentary 10-15 minute appointment to talk about your needs or your group’s needs. 

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