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Bringing in the Healing Waters

The qi gong styles I teach are meditative, soft, and healing in nature. I use metaphors of nature sometimes to ground our practice to our 'natural' environment even if we are indoors. Particularly when we feel tired, practice is a time to bring in the healing waters...

Embodied Wisdom in Qigong

At the end of my morning class that I teach on Sundays, I like to ask for 2 words to summarize their feelings from the practice as well as 1-2 words to describe the intention of the rest of their day. And as they say and share those words, like "benevolent flow",...

Science & Qigong

Tai Chi Qigong (TCQG) also pronounced "Chi Gong" has been show over the years to be helpful for a variety of conditions. Managing overall stress (Jin P., 1992; Sandlund & Norlander, 2000; Chow, Docas & Siu, 2012) Helpful for pulmonary disease (G.Y. Yeh at al.,...

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