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Chi gong as the basis to unblock and unlock the hidden psychology &


 Keep the change. 


Some benefits:

Relaxation & De-Stress

Learn foundamentals of qigong or chi gong



Psychological Resilience

Energetic release process. Unconver psychological or emotional root under physical issues



Body-Mind Healing Wellbeing

Whole body wellness, using the heart, gut, and mind for healing and rejuvenation and reduced fatigue

Exercise Presence & Non-reactivity

Shit happens – let’s work through them 

Heart of qi gong

Absorb the healing energy into your heart and body

Mind-body integration

Transforming limits

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Freequently Asked Questions

How is this different than psychotherapy?

While I have a psychology background and understand the unconsious and conscious mind, I also understand the Higher Mind which is not yet studied – which is like our broader inner wisdom and knowingness.

Chi gong is the basis on which we unblock and unlock the hidden psychology.

I use somatic-based processes to transform limited beliefs in the body called psych-k, and we work toward goals and empoweringe beliefs like “I am worthy and highly valuable”.

It is not intended to be a heavy session as it is not talk therapy. I do not need you to relive your challenges – we change the residual energy of the past – past trigger, past pain, past memory.

Does this work for physical issues?

I more often work with a physical pain, a headache, pain in the stomach, etc. We also can uncover the emotional and psychological roots underpinning a reoccuring physical issue – and balance that psychologically with a mix of psych-k methods and relaxation deep breathing.

Is this on ZOOM or Phone?

We can have zoom, phone, or for a premium-in person sessions. I am auditory-kinesthetic-visual meaning I can adapt to you. Seeing you allows me to see the joy in your face at the end when you come to a realization or insight, so that is always nice. 

Are package discounts available?

Yes – please contact me

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