"Benevolent flow, lightness, clarity, peace, freedom and joy, and presence"

At the end of my morning class that I teach on Sundays, I like to ask for 2 words to summarize their feelings from the practice as well as 1-2 words to describe the intention of the rest of their day.

And as they say and share those words, like “benevolent flow“, “lightness“, “clarity“, “peace“, “freedom and joy“, and “presence

I can feel the power of those intentions.

And in a group class setting, all of our intentions benefit one another. It’s like a pot of gold (at the end of the rainbow – the rainbow, being the qi gong class). And we are all adding our individual signature pieces of gold to the pile.

And with the energy of all of our intentions, I bring it all together with my hands and ask everyone (if they wish) to bring those loving benevolent intentions into the heart… So that we can embody it, we don’t need to intellectualize or cognitively remember them, we can just embody it; and live the (spiritual) wisdom in those loving intentions and words.

Embodied wisdom. Embodied spirituality. These are actually synchronistic with my practice of qi gong. It’s an embodied practice; not one we have to talk about it, but we live it. And that my friends, I think, is wisdom.

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