There is a book that I read ten years ago as a young adult and it greatly shaped my understanding of the mind-body connection. I’ve often referred back to it when I felt some sort of dis-ease in my body. The book is by Louise Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life”

Typically, would 19 year olds, who have healthy bodies, be reading books like this? Probably not. But even then as a young adult, I had always gravitated toward self-healing modalities, particularly those that looked at the body and mind as a synergistic being.

Sometimes, it takes a body dis-ease for us to change how we feel,  live, how we view the world. Paying attention to that little cold, before it gets bigger. By paying attention to that recurring back pain, before it becomes a bigger problem.

These are ways we can cultivate greater awareness of our body and our mind, such as through the practice of Chi Gong.

When I think of the Mind-Body connection, I like to read Louise Hay’s book and she offers hints and pointers at the beliefs underlying certain diseases. It’s not scientific per say, but is a starting point for introspection.

I want to use the example of Hay Fever allergies as I rarely suffer from it, and yet, I had it this spring. For Hay Fever, he possible thought-cause is, “Emotional congestion. Fear of the calendar.  Belief in persecution. Guilt”

What does this mean? I can ask myself “Who or what am I allergic to?”

When I ask myself this, I look at my life and think mostly everything is going well so it doesn’t seem to fit, at least on the surface.

When I look deeper, I realize that I’ve had a lot of congested thoughts, questions, and concerns about going back to school for a 6 year program in psychology lately.

Her hint at the mind-body connection with Hay Fever (allergies) being “Emotional congestion” provides something of a starting place for greater self-investigation. When I bring to awareness what has actually been going on in my mind/heart about this topic of going to school recently, I can see it’s quite congested.

She also offers a counterbalance affirmation. To me, an affirmation, is a strongly positive statement of belief. An affirmation may not yet feel true to you, but it points you in the direction up the emotional scale toward a more positive, hopeful feeling and view.

She offers this: “I am one with All of Life. I am safe at all times. I am at peace with life.”

When I consider safety and being at peace with life, to me, it means that I can accept the present moment of where I am and I feel trust and safety that the opportunities that come will be for my highest good, and I can trust that the opportunities that do not come, will also be for my highest good. It’s understanding that right here, now, is okay and I can be at peace with it.

Peacefulness is not to be confused with accepting mediocre-ness.

Peacefulness with the present moment actually implies that we pull back our power and our intention to right now, and not in worrisome question marks about the future, or regret about the past.

Right now, in this very moment, is where our power is.

If you have hay fever or allergies, I implore you to ask, “who or what are you allergic too?” 🙂