I offer both classes and private chi qong sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I add to participants’ knowledge of mindfulness by introducing a movement form of mindfulness with a long Eastern tradition and lineage.

Lead by a life-long practitioner, instructor and apprentice of chi gong as the 3rd generation, who currently works in clinical research, and educated with a graduate university degree. The instructor is: Jacqueline Chan. You can read more about here below.

This practice is presented through an integrative perspective of West meets East within a scientific context within limits.

Attendees can walk away with knowledge of a practice they can do anywhere and learn about the utilization of their breath.

  • Communicated with language that is accessible to scientific and non-scientific communities, and can be practiced by a wide range of people through the sitting and standing movements that are low-intensity.
  • Convenient to practice: participants do not need to bring equipment (i.e., mats) or change clothing.
  • Low-intensity and safe exercises that can be modified to sitting, standing, or slow movement
  • Communicated in English with neutral language that is impartial to a religion

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