I’ve heard that us, humans, are also a part of nature. We often think of ourselves as separate from nature, and it’s an interesting concept to consider that we are nature just as much as trees are nature!

I mean, does it really surprise you so much that we, humans, often seem to just *feel good* simply by being our doors and allowing our senses to take in the air, the wind, the sun, and the smell of grass or trees?

I’ve been really feeling a difference, when I’m outside and when I’m inside.

I often hear people say how they wish they could spend more time outside or outdoors, well this is the time to take walks! Take a break and a walk outside, within safety precautions.

And lastly, relating it back to chi gong, I have a unique way of bringing in nature in our visualization and practice 🙂 hope to see you in practice sometime! 🙂