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Jacqueline H. Chan

Practical, Embodied Awareness of

Healing Poetry in Motion

Qigong Instructor


East Meets West
Yin & Yang

University of Toronto 2021
At Grade 2, she led tai chi with Grandmaster Weizhao Wu


Jacqueline is a research staff member in the SickKids Research Institute as well as a member of The Mindfulness Project Team at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). She is an instructor of Qigong (pronounced “chi-gong”). She grew up in a Qigong school within the lineage of Master Weizhao Wu and Master Teresa, and has shared this peaceful traditional Chinese healing art in symposiums and conferences.

She has been sharing Qigong to the public (virtually) and to Sickkids staff for over 2 years and is an active participant in Wellness programming provided by Occupational Health at SickKids. Qigong is a gentle and serene form of moving meditation, a kind of mindfulness in motion that integrates one’s body and mind. She is dedicated to having a diverse and inclusive space.

Jacqueline is combining her passion for integrated heart-body wellness by currently studying for a Masters of Pastoral Studies (MPS) at The University of Toronto in spiritual care and psychotherapy (inter-faith/Buddhist foci). She has a BA in Psychology and a Masters of Early Childhood Studies. She’s also the daughter of Master Teresa, founder of Pureland Qi Gong International School.

Qigong Presentations

Mindfulness & Compassion Rounds,
Department of Spiritual Care,
The Hospital For Sick Children (SickKids)
December 2021 (virtual)

Going with the flow: Letting go with Qigong. 

July 2020 (virtual)

An Introduction to Qigong


New College,
The University of Toronto
December 2021

Guest Lecture: Qigong Introduction. In “Socially Engaged Buddhism”

Stroke Patient & Family Night,
The Hospital For Sick Children
November 2021

Qigong MIndfulness Break

The  20/20 Canadian Safe School Network Conference,
A Clear Look at the Past, Present, & Future of Safety Education
February 2017

Youth Stream: Qi Gong for Stress Relief and Anxiety Management

Emmanuel College Contemplative Practice Community,
The Toronto School of Theology,
The University of Toronto
October & November 2021 (virtual)

Introduction to Qigong

Opening Devotion,
Psychotherapeutic Theories Course
The University of Toronto
February 2022

Body Relaxation

The 3rd Annual Kindful Canada Symposium,
Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation
September 2018 (in-person)

Guided Introductory Qigong (Chi Gong) Practice

Breathing Space,
The Mindful Society Conference
May 2020 (virtual)

Introduction to Qigong Practice

May 2019 (in-person)

Introduction to Qigong Practice


Department of Psychiatry,
The University of Toronto
March 2022 (virtual)

Qigong Relaxation (co-presenter)

Feb 2019 (in-person)

Qigong Introduction (co-presenter)

Talent Contest
Canada’s Top Choice Beauty Pageant
August 2018 (in-person)

Chinese Butterfly Swords Performance

The International Toastmasters Club
The Hospital for Sick Children
March 2019 (in-person)

1st Place: Speech Evaluation Contest Winner
(Area 5 Winner)

February 2019 (in-person)

1st Place: Speech Evaluation Contest Winner
(SickKids Club)