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Gentle Qigong with Jacqueline invites us to gently and safely turn inward toward those background or difficult feelings (whether it is anxiety, anger, or discomfort) and actually move through those feelings in our body and gently invite them to be released and
let them go.

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Jacqueline H. Chan is a research staff in the SickKids Research Institute as well as a member of The Mindfulness Project Team at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). She is an instructor of Qigong (pronounced "chi-gong"). Jacqueline grew up in a Qigong school within the lineage of Master Weizhao Wu and Master Teresa, and has shared this peaceful traditional Chinese healing art in symposiums and conferences. Jacqueline has been providing Qigong to SickKids staff for over 2 years and is an active participant in Wellness programming provided by Occupational Health at SickKids. Qigong is a gentle and serene form of moving meditation, a kind of Mindfulness in motion that integrates one's body and mind. She is dedicated to having a diverse and LGBTQ2+ inclusive space. Jacqueline Chan is currently studying for a Masters of Pastoral Studies, in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, at The University of Toronto. She has a MA in Early Childhood Studies and a BA in Psychology.


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Improve Your Life with Qigong and Mindfulness

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You can really enjoy my Sunday morning drop-in class.

Qigong Tai Chi Classes

After each practice, I guarantee you that you will feel lighter and peaceful. Please join my Sunday 10am Drop in Online class.


Digital Meditative Qi Program for Stress Relief

Return to calmness supports you to re-energize and see life more hopeful. This program will improve your focus and productivity. Often people improves on their sleeping pattern too.

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Jacqueline is equipped with a range of tools and knowledge to facilitate healing, as she works with you on the physical, emotional, energetic levels. Having a series of sessions with Jacqueline created a period of momentum and focus for me as I worked towards healing and transformation goals in my life. I truly appreciate her kindness and knowledge.


Thank you so much, very powerful. I had stomach pain when I started but it disappeared shortly after [the class]. You can teach us what you are guided to do for the class.
I truly appreciate her kindness and knowledge.


This practice renews my energy, and detoxes my mind from all sorts of negativity that exists in my everyday life. From this class, I learned to bring awareness and focus on the thoughts I carry around. Being in the health care field, mental health is definitely one of the most important aspect of life!

Joanne R.N.

Email: chiwithjacqueline@gmail.com

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