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Jacqueline H. Chan (she/her), M.A.

Qigong Instructor, Psycho-spiritual Psychotherapist Candidate, Research staff

Jacqueline Chan is a research staff in the SickKids Research Institute as well as a member of The Mindfulness Project Team at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). She is an instructor of Qigong (pronounced “chi-gong”). Jacqueline grew up in a Qigong school within the lineage of Master Weizhao Wu and Master Teresa, and has shared this peaceful traditional Chinese healing art in symposiums and conferences.

Jacqueline has been providing Qigong to Sickkids staff for over 2 years and is an active participant in Wellness programming provided by Occupational Health at SickKids. Qigong is a gentle and serene form of moving meditation, a kind of Mindfulness in motion that integrates one’s body and mind. She is dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

Jacqueline Chan is currently studying for a Masters of Pastoral Studies, in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, at The University of Toronto. She has a MA in Early Childhood Studies and a BA in Psychology. She is also the daughter of Master Teresa Yeung, of Pureland International Qigong School.

The practice of chi gong (qigong) is tied to the background of the instructor, their lineage, school, practices, and style of teaching. A good instructor should also be practicing everyday.

Grandmaster Weizhao Wu: Learning from 1995-2006

Starting in 1995, I followed my mother to learn chi gong, tai chi, and kung fu from Grandmaster Weizhao Wu at the park. Amongst some of his achievements: He recieved one of the highest titles of Qi Gong Master in China,  was considered a National Treasure, Western Fencing champion, and he contributed to the development of the provincial physical education curriculum in the province of Guangzhao. He also was an academic, and lead a 40-person research team into the benefits of his Wu’s eye qi gong program for high school students.

Chi gong (qigong) was his life-long hobby he learned from the mountain schools in China. He came to retire in Canada, he created the chi gong forms I teach today with the essential chi gong (qi gong) movements. From him, I’ve learned so much about the foundations of qi and being a compassionate teacher.


Master Teresa: Learning from 2006-Present

Following the passing of grandmaster Wu, I learned from his successor, my mother, Master Teresa (Pureland International Qigong School), learning how to transform negative emotions such as grief. She’s been an inspiration as a loving single mother:

  • Mind-body (psycho-somatic) expressions of stress
  • Embodied spiritual philosophies
  • Honoring the feminine in qigong practice

As her daughter and leading instructor, I regularly teach 1 hour introductory drop-in qigong sessions for her students on Wednesdays 8PM (EST) and Sunday 10AM (EST) via donation. Drop-in registration links are located on on Eventbrite which will send a ZOOM link to you.

At SickKids:

I offer Free SickKids Staff Qigong Classes on Thursdays 5:15PM-6:00PM. If you are a staff member, please email me: so I can provide you with the appropriate weekly ZOOM link as well as the monthly Mindfulness Project Newsletter. 


My Qigong Training


Education Background

B.A. Honours Psychology
M.A. Early Childhood Studies
Masters of Pastoral Studies, Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy (2024), 
The University of Toronto


“Dark night of the soul”

While I am privileged to have learned qigong from qigong masters as a child and into my adolescence, I was born with both congenital hypothyrodism and experienced the trauma of childhood divorce. In addition to questions surrounding purpose, queer identity, and religion, I have strived to translate qigong for sciences while remaining true to myself and the North American-Asian contexts I grew up within.

I am in continual training as a facilitator of healing in qigong within my mother’s school, Pureland International School of Qigong (eg., fa-chi, psych-k) and other healing imagery modalities. In addition to being a student at the University of Toronto’s Masters of Pastoral studies program with a focus on psycho-spiritual health.

I am thankful for my communities, teachers, and family as well who I continually learn from everyday!

“In my spare time….” I enjoy walks outside with my sweet chihuahua-terrier, sitting in the sunshine, and eating.


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