"Thank you for inviting me to you chi gong class last night. It was so very heart touching to see you lead us through the blissful routine. I love your confidence wrapped in your tenderness and positivity. BRAVO on sharing chi gong the children at the hospital. It is a true gift and a reward. Your soft way of presenting is like a magnet. You know your craft and you are creative in your structure which is very appealing. You give adequate amounts of information in support to all movements. Many of the movements were new to me and I felt their impact on my energy body. I greatly enjoyed meeting you as a young instructor and I wish you many successful events this year. I am looking forward to your next class.

- Eva Gold

The qigong class elps me reframe to doing the to-do list with grace and joy, helping me with overwhelm.

- Candy "

"I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for sessions with Jacqueline but what I got was a compassionate and intuitive healing guide who has helped me navigate an important transition period in my life and to heal limiting beliefs and energetic and emotional blocks. Jacqueline is equipped with a range of tools and knowledge to facilitate healing, as she works with you on the physical, emotional, energetic levels.

Having a series of sessions with Jacqueline created a period of momentum and focus for me as I worked towards healing and transformation goals in my life. Jacqueline was always responsive to my evolving needs and able to draw on her resources to support me. One of the best things about working with Jacqueline is that she was a compassionate witness and mirror to my journey reminding me, reflecting to me, pointing out to me important aspects of myself and my process as we went along and giving me clarity.

I truly appreciate her kindness and knowledge.

- Carrie "

"This practice renews my energy, and detoxes my mind from all sorts of negativity that exists in my everyday life. From this class, I learned to bring awareness and focus on the thoughts I carry around. Being in the health care field, mental health is definitely one of the most important aspect of life!

- Joanne R.N."

"Thank you so much, very powerful.

I had stomach pain when I started but it disappeared shortly after the class.

You teach us what you are guided to do for the client.

- Tessa"

"I never saw myself as a spiritual person,

but I found the sessions really helped me

for my anxiety.

- May"

"I could really feel the energy going to different parts of my body

it was very relaxing..

right now I feel more alert and full of energy

but relaxed at the same time.

- Kathleen"

"At this time, Jacqueline is bringing her ancestral knowledge forward in the spirit of chi gong and in the deeper work she’s been in since she was a young person with Master Wu and her mom. The energy she carries is loving, kind, warm, and lifts and lightens everything around her and she is incredibly reflexive, always in seeing herself…..

I know she’s been involved in conferences and speaking, and even a beauty pageant, a celebration of the feminine that she carries naturally. I think Jacqueline is a natural healer, and she does that through her very essence because she’s a very healthy, balanced person who always looks at what is needed and what is possible. I think she is a very grounded, expansive, because of the level of well-being and the deep knowledge that she’s here to do.

- Erin, Indigenous Leadership "

"I found the (chi gong) sessions extremely helpful

to me to manage periods of very high stress.

- Researcher"

Email: chiwithjacqueline@gmail.com

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