An effective and simple way to get the energy back in life

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My teaching style has been called:
– powerful, yet gentle
– engaging, and intuitive
– positive, and calming

If you feel a connection or curiosity, I’d be happy to personally invite you to a practice or a conversation 🙂 Email me:

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I have learned qi gong from Jacqueline for some time. I  am surprised by this young soul, teaching qi gong. She is so bright, passionate, and persistently seeking the best of life!


I found the (chi gong) sessions extremely helpful to me to manage periods of very high stress.


This practice renews my energy, and detoxes my mind from all sorts of negativity that exists in my everyday life. From this class, I learned to bring awareness and focus on the thoughts I carry around. Being in the health care field, mental health is definitely one of the most important aspect of life!

Jeanne, R.N.

Jacqueline has a very calming presence and approach to teaching qi gong that makes it very accessible to everyone. What Jacqueline offers is a very important modality for stress management and self care.

Chantelle, Prana Yoga & Wellness Founder

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